Powered by Translate Established in 2011, Avosah, a subsidiary of Colombo export and Import Agencies (Private) Limited, is a diversified business consultation and business process outsourcing venture, offering wide-ranging contact center, back office management, content management, call center with inbound and outbound call services, data processing, data entry and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services to companies of all sizes, anywhere in the world. Avosah has built an impeccable record of superior services from our production facility in Sri Lanka with our growing list of industry-leading clients.


The quality of call center agents ultimately decides the business results. As the front line worker, they dictate your customers' experience with your organization. Customers with a negative experience will go elsewhere. All applicants are screened and the best are being selected for customer interaction jobs. Spoken and written communication skills are ensured to be up to the standards you demand. Our human resources include:

  • Full time and dedicated employees
  • Added ON-CALL operators for rapid scalability
  • Agents with foreign ad neutral accents
  • Agents with solid experience at other call centers serving US
  • and European companies
  • Background check & confidentiality measures


How we deliver the service and solution to you is the "process". It is carefully planned out, regularly evaluated and periodically modified to gain incremental improvements. We strictly monitor our own performance, look for scopes for higher operational efficiency and strive for increased customer satisfaction.

We analyze our own mistakes, try to get to the root cause and remove any possibilities for a second occurrence. We try to predict "break points" and "loop holes" and put in the necessary safeguards. We maintain an open communication throughout the process, with our staff, client as well as with any stakeholders. This open communication builds the strong foundation for a solid process.


Business consultation, Inbound and outbound telephone support, web-based assistance and email correspondence support for:

Inbound Call Center Solutions

  • Telemarketing
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Order Taking

Inbound Call Center Solutions

  • Telemarketing/ Telesales
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Consultation and Sales
  • Surveys

Interactive Solutions

  • Help Desk
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Blast Messaging/Voice Broadcasting
  • Direct Response Management
  • Web Based Research
  • Market Research

Back Office Solutions

  • Fulfillment Services
  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Capture Services
  • Medical Transcription Services


Reliability, flexibility and redundancies are the key considerations for Avosah in choosing the right mix of technology. Highlights of our technology infrastructure are:

  • Absolutely secured infrastructure as required by HIPAA
  • Compatibility and integration between technologies
  • Access to multiple service providers' networks
  • Bandwidth provisioning on demand to facilitate quick ramp up
  • In house support staff and enhanced service agreement with service vendor
  • No single point of failure in the systems and the network
  • Real-time and historical agent performance tracking with IVR technology to record and store successful calls
  • Smart report generation including up-to-date online access to standard reporting and critical marketing information

But ultimately it is the people behind that technology that delivers. We at Avosah understand it and value it the most.


Peace of mind

When you work with Avosah, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are working with a company that cares as much about your business as you do. You have the comfort and confidence that you are working with a company that is financially sound, fiscally conservative, and values impeccable service delivery over unbridled growth. You can rest easy knowing your data is secure and Avosah has the systems, procedures, technology and redundancy across facilities to assure your business will be safeguarded to the greatest extent possible.

Diversified Country Risk

Our center based in Sri Lanka provides the necessary support for USA, UK, Maldives and India. Holidays and festivals at clients end or production center never affect Avosah's 24/7 operations.


Avosah ensures information security management and is also HIPPA compliant.

Reporting and Documentation

Avosahs reporting is clever. It is customized, comprehensive, un-cluttered and available for the clients securely online. The job always ends with a compliment. Next phase begins with learning from each of the interactions, gathering information, presenting that to you in a meaningful way. We give you our performance, efficiency, talk and handle times. But more importantly, our clever reporting also gives you better business intelligence, deeper insight to your customer needs, habits and tendencies, finally the right tools to develop or improve your business. We can prove that your outsourcing call center/back end operations to Avosah can actually generate profit for you and let you focus on customer interaction.

Best Breed of Systems & Technology

We have a stable environment with over 99.99% uptime with multiple redundancies.

Unparalleled Track Record

Avosah's senior team experience totals to over 10 years of experience in the BPO industry. We take pride in serving both Niche and fortune companies around the world.

P.O. Box 10,
Sri Lanka.

No - 19, Darley Road,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 115 299964

Tel : +94 (0) 115299965

Email : avosah@ceial.lk
Web : www.ceial.lk

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